Discover Serenity in the Desert at Our B&B

Nestled in the tranquil expanse of our country's desert, our guest houses in Merhav-am offer an oasis of peace and solitude. Located in a flourishing new neighborhood beside a serene stream, this is where nature's beauty and human creation converge. Explore nearby attractions like Abdat National Park, Ein Abdat, and Mount Katum, or set off on hiking trails that take you through gravel pits and the mesmerizing Nahal Havarim.

For your convenience, the village of Merhav-am is home to a grocery store, synagogue, and a mikvah for spiritual purification.
Come and rejuvenate your spirit in a setting that’s as breathtaking as it is peaceful.

The B&Bs we offer

Two well-equipped, spacious and luxurious B&Bs in Evan on the rivers. A desert-adapted design was used for the B&Bs
Design of the B&Bs was adapted to the desert environment

הקראוונים שלנו

לאלו שאוהבים את השטח, את המדבר אבל גם את הפינוק,
הקראוונים שלנו הם הפתרון המושלם!
הקראוונים מאובזרים עד הפרטים הקטנים, עם עיצוב פנים יוקרתי ופתרונות חכמים.

In the area

Located in the heart of the Negev Mountains, Merhavam is a few minutes' drive from Nahal Tzin, Ben Gurion's Tomb, Ben Gurion's Barracks Ein Abdat, and more.

Moreover, our B&Bs are located in the desert, so you can go out on foot or on horseback (bicycles) right from your door.