In the area

Right in the heart of the desert, these B&Bs provide access to a variety of routes, attractions and sites, including walking and riding (bicycle) routes right outside their door.
The door opens onto ancient water pits (gravel pits) to the famous route in the gravel streams/Droch, Mount Katum, Mount Tzaror (Gev Tzaror), Bekat Zin and other wadis.

Fans of cycling You can go on a variety of routes with varying degrees of difficulty right from your door in the desert. Cycling on the Nahal invites cyclists to end their hard day with a glass of Negev Mountain wine in front of the beautiful desert landscape.

There are also a variety of routes and sites within minutes to half an hour's drive Check out our offers...

Ein Avdat

Ein Akev

Ein Yerkam

Gev Yamin

Gev Shoualim

Havarim, Nahal

Karkash, Nahal

Nachal Hatzaz Darouch

Tzror Mountains

Yeruham, the great crater

Mitzpe Ramon Makhtes Ramon

Tomb of Ben Gurion

Barracks of Ben Gurion

Yeruham Lake Park - Vitamin Shea - ODT facilities, bicycle rentals and more 054-7959237

052-7204565 - "Bekashti" - Israeli archery activity

Dana: 050-3435392 for macrame workshop

Color Field Pitball is a mobile paintball experience that can be found at 050-6668991

Cornel Farm produces quality goat cheese. Restaurant and hospitality services for individuals and groups 08-6555140

Here is a recommendation for a massage therapist in the area, Ayelet:052-5364966⁩

לקוחות יקרים
כדי לנסות ולהקל במעט, הנחות משמעותיות על כל הצימרים שלנו. מחבקים אתכם ואת כל עם ישראל, מייחלים לימים טובים ובטוחים יותר!